Rules and Regulations

  1. Membership

    Subscriptions will be due annually on the 1st September.

    Members will have the month of September to renew before individuals on the club waiting list will be allowed to join Northern Squash.

    New members joining part way through the membership year may benefit from a pro rata reduction.

    On acceptance of the relevant squash subscription, access to Northern Squash online booking system will be authorised.

    Members not wishing to renew, or failing to do so within the aforementioned renewal grace period, will automatically be removed from the booking system.

  2. Court Bookings

    Court bookings, and payment for courts, will be made using the online court booking system (Wazygoose)

    Full members can book courts up to a maximum of 14 days in advance (with the exception of Juniors booking prime time courts, where the maximum ls 7 days in advance).

    Consecutive courts cannot be booked by the same member and prime time courts are restricted to one per member per day. Prime time courts start at 5pm.

    Once a free court time has started, a part court booking can be made (in 10 minute multiples or for the maximum time remaining for the time slot).

    Court lights for booked courts are controlled via Wazygoose booking system.

    Cancellation/Refund Policy

    If a member subsequently wishes to cancel a booking, a full or part refund of the booking fee may be made to the member's account, depending on the court status (off peak or primetime) and when the cancellation is made.

    Cancellation/Refund Schedule

    Members will pay for the court when the booking is made. Court fees being deducted from the members account automatically. If a member subsequently wishes to cancel a booking, a full or part refund of the booking fee will automatically be made, depending on when the cancellation is made.

    For full-price court bookings, the refund amounts will follow the guidelines illustrated below. For discounted bookings, the refund will be calculated in a similar way, but the refund amount will not exceed the original fee paid.

    • 7 full days notice: you receive a full refund
    • 6 full days notice: you receive a refund of £4.50
    • 5 full days notice: you receive a refund of £4.00
    • 4 full days notice: you receive a refund of £3.50
    • 3 full days notice: you receive a refund of £3.00
    • 2 full days notice: you receive a refund of £2.50
    • 1 full days notice: you receive a refund of £2.00
    • 3-24 hours notice: you receive a refund of £1.50
    • Less than 3 hours notice: you receive no refund

    There will be no penalty for cancelling Off-Peak bookings.

  3. Guests

    Members are allowed to invite guests to play at the club on three occasions during the membership year. On each occasion the guest fee is set at £4.00.

    This is in addition to the court fee. Guest fees can be paid online or in cash in the guest fee box situated outside the access to courts 2 and 3.

    If, after playing three occasions as a guest, the individual still wishes to utilise the facilities at Northern Squash Club there is an expectation that the individual will apply to be a member under a relevant squash membership category.

  4. Team Matches/Competitions

    Courts 1 and 2 will often be reserved for mid-week team matches from 7pm. Team matches will take priority should they not be completed by conclusion of the reserved courts,

    Sunday team matches will generally commence 6.20pm - however the same priorities re courts will still apply.

    On occasions, courts will be block booked for tournaments/competitions and again court priority should be given to these if they overrun.

    Members are asked to understand that matches running over the designated times will be the exception.

  5. Juniors

    No children under the age of 12 are to be allowed in the squash area or male or female changing rooms unless accompanied by an appropriate adult.

    For more information on Safeguarding best practice please refer to the following:

  6. Court Attire

    Appropriate sportswear must be worn at all times when playing squash.

    Appropriate squash shoes (i.e. clean and with non-marking soles) to be worn on the squash courts. Persons not adhering to this rule will be asked to leave the courts.

  7. Transmissible Infections

    Please minimise the spread of infection by avoiding to play if you have any current transmissible infection (e.g. chest), especially if you have a raised temperature. And for diarrhoea or vomiting for 2 days after these have stopped.

  8. Code Of Conduct

    All members are expected to conduct themselves on court in accordance with the general rules of squash and good etiquette (see separate guidance). Any conduct deemed to be outside this general rule will be dealt with appropriately by the Squash Committee.

Northern FC Squash Committee
February 2024